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Business & Mindset Masterclass

A potent 70 minute masterclass for photographers, content creators and influencers wanting to work less, earn more & avoid or banish burnout for good!

+ FREE BONUS downloadable pricing guide for photoshoots & influencing.

Imagine in 3 months time...

💸 You're doing $10k+ every month with your content

💖 You're working with your DREAM brands/clients

😌 You have so much freedom in your schedule to do...whatever the heck you want!

I used to think that I had to achieve a certain level of expertise (basically perfection) before I could achieve any of these things...but the truth is, you can have all of these things and MORE (much sooner than you think!) 🔥

Bonus Pricing Guide!

To help you gain clarity on pricing your services, you'll also receive a FREE 7-page excerpt from my complete Foodie to Photographer pricing guide containing:

  • Things to consider when it comes to services + pricing
  • How to charge for additional time
  • Pricing guide for restaurant photography
  • Pricing guide for studio photography
  • Pricing guide for influencing + social media

Who is this masterclass for?

Anyone wanting to earn more $$$ from their content, and/or build a sustainable business (whether that be photography, influencing, etc!) Relevant for all levels from beginners to pro. You do NOT have to be an established business owner to benefit from this knowledge!

🥵 You're earning pretty good money, but you're burnt out

💤 You want to earn more buuut you don't have the time/energy for more work

💰 You want to charge more but you don't know if you can, or how!

👀 You've thought to yourself - "I wasn't paid enough for this!!!"

📸 You feel like your clients don't respect your time/work

⁉️ You simply don't know what you should be charging!

If you're thinking...

"I need to improve my skills before I can charge more"...

  • What if I told you that you can meet yourself at your current level and scale/charge more now?! The things I'm teaching in this masterclass can be applied at every. single. level.


"I need more clients before I can start scaling"...

  • If you think MORE clients and MORE work is the prerequisite to success, then you might be on the burnout express! 😬🚂 Imagine you could start building a sustainable business TODAY, and in a few months time, you're working the same number of hours (or less!) but earning more.

So if you're ready to meet yourself at your current level and start growing right now, then I promise this masterclass will blow your mind! 🙌🏼

Get instant access to 70 mins of pure 🔥 business & mindset for just $149 AUD!

Includes lifetime access to watch the 70 min masterclass replay + an exclusive downloadable pricing guide for photography & influencing!

photography business & mindset masterclass

Why learn from me?

Last year, I was booked out for months in advance with a waitlist, experiencing maximum burnout working 6-7 days a week doing 4-5 days of shoots and charging $1,250 for a full day hospitality shoot.

In 6 months, I restructured my business and pricing model so that now I have consistent work with amazing, high value clients, I'm working MAXIMUM 4 days a week (yes, including shoots, admin and editing!!) and I'm charging $4,800 for a full day shoot.

And here's the kicker... my skill/quality of work hasn't drastically changed (I was creating BOMB content last year too!) So what did?

I'm sharing everything in this masterclass, from a practical perspective but also with a big focus on mindset 🧠 Because, if I told you to 4x your prices right now you'd probably say I'm crazy! I know it's not as easy as that.