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Do you want to create and get paid to do what you love?

Monetise your hobby and build a profitable side hustle

Increase your quality of work and earn MORE $$$ from photography jobs and/or Instagram collaborations

Build a sustainable income and profitable business DOING WHAT YOU LOVE

Join me inside Foodie to Photographer! A powerful 6-week online program that will have you mastering the art of food photography in no time. Join now and get instant access to the online modules to complete at your own pace, PLUS lifetime personalised support!

What my Students are Saying!

Arming yourself with the knowledge and skills to go into every shoot KNOWING you're going to nail it is so powerful!!


  • Having so much confidence and self trust going into every single shoot KNOWING your content will turn out amazing! 🔥
  • Your DMs and emails full of dream, high value clients that love your content and want to work with YOU.
  • More time freedom because you know exactly what goes into an incredible food photo from styling to shooting and editing 📸
  • Having someone to ask specific questions about photography and business, instead of always having to figure it out alone 🙌🏽
  • Feeling so creatively empowered and fulfilled, setting your own schedule and doing what you LOVE every single day! 😍

Who is Foodie to Photographer for?

A powerful 6 week, self-paced online course for foodies, influencers and photographers (current or aspiring!) and food-based business owners wanting to LEVEL UP their content and gain consistent income doing what they love.

This is for you if...

✓ You're an influencer, content creator or blogger wanting to start monetising your hobby or elevating your content to earn more $$$ from collabs and partnerships.

✓ You're interested in food photography but you have no idea where to start - even shopping for a camera has you frustrated, let alone complex composition techniques!

✓ You're a food-based business owner wanting to improve the quality of your photos for social media, online ordering, website, etc!

✓ You're taking pretty good photos with your phone but you want to step up your photography game to stand out from the crowd!

✓ You want to build a profitable side hustle or full-time food photography business.

✓ You have an interest in food and a camera...but don't know how to use it!

✓ You are ready to invest in yourself and put in the work to learn new skills.

✓ You wish you had someone to ask questions about photography, editing and business.

Foodie to Photographer is not...

  • More complex information to overwhelm and confuse you
  • A generic photography course that doesn't teach you the specifics of capturing amazing FOOD photos.

Get lifetime access to personalised support

Foodie to Photographer students get exclusive, lifetime access to a private Facebook community of likeminded foodies and passionate content creators! This is a space where you can network and get personalised support from myself (Marie), and your peers, throughout the course and beyond!

I encourage students to:

Ask questions relating to food photography, gear, styling, business, editing, etc!

Request feedback on your work

Share your wins, e.g. work that you're super proud

Share your struggles, e.g. share and get advice on any stressful situations or sticky clients

Have conversations with and network with other foodies!

Inside the course

When I first started my food page on Instagram, I spent countless hours scrolling through complicated articles and watching Youtube videos trying to learn how to capture amazing food photos. Despite all of that – there were SO MANY of things that I had to figure out on my own! Foodie to Photographer is your express pass to incredible food photography!

Gear Guide

Laying a foundation of knowledge by understanding our gear i.e. stuff you should know if you already have a camera, and things to look out for when shopping for new kit!

Mastering Manual Mode

Understanding aperture, shutter speed and ISO, and putting it all together to achieve key shots in food photography (think action shots, flat lays and dreamy creamy bokeh 🤤).

The Art of Lighting

The most popular type of lighting for food photography and how to achieve it, along with live demos on how to setup a food photography scene and manipulate natural light.


How to find the right angle for any dish, how to add movement and life to your images, and the essential (and easy!) composition techniques that you need to know.

Editing in Lightroom

How to import and organise your library, colour grading and understanding the various tools in Lightroom + how to export in high-res and web-size (and when to use each).

Photoshop Magic

Retouching tutorials for food photography in Adobe Photoshop (from removing stray crumbs to reviving bubbly coffees and melted ice cream!)

BONUS! Lightroom Presets

Steal my signature edit! Get access to the actual presets that I use to edit food photos on Lightroom mobile and desktop. One-click to droolworthy food photos.

Social Media Strategy

Is Instagram dead? Are hashtags useless?! How do I keep up with the algorithm?!?! I share my strategy that keeps my inbox full of new clients and enquiries every. single. day.

Pricing Your Work

Get access to my downloadable pricing guide for photographers and social media influencers! Including a pre-quoting checklist and a crash course on image licensing.

Pitching Your Dream Clients

So your photos are looking *chefs kiss*, now it's time to attract work/clients that actually gets you excited!! Learn the art of pitching including email templates that I use today!

Behind-the-Scenes Demos

Come behind the scenes with me as I take you on a full walk-through of a studio and restaurant photoshoot! I also share my best tips for styling show-stopping restaurant flat lays.

Phone Photography

The best camera is the one that's with you! Each module contains a dedicated phone photography lesson to help you capture incredible food photos - anywhere, anytime!

Pricing Options

Join Foodie to Photographer where learning food photography gets to be EASY and FUN! Just imagine the freedom that comes with monetising your passion.

If you've ever invested in new camera gear or even courses...

And you're wondering why you're still not making content that you LOVE (consistently). It's because you're missing the most important part, and that's investing in yourself and REALLY putting in the work!

Foodie to Photographer was designed to make learning super simple, with actionable knowledge and resources to help level up your content TODAY.

So, if you're ready to take the leap and start earning $$$ doing what you love...

If you're thinking...there are so many free resources out there, why would I pay to learn food photography?

Foodie to Photographer offers a curated library of knowledge, tools and resources to instantly elevate your food content! Created by someone who's been there. I've learnt so many things throughout the years about what it takes to ACTUALLY succeed with food photography.

Don't forget you also get LIFETIME access to personalised support! No more searching for answers to frustrating questions. All the support you're looking for is just a click away...

about me

Hi! I'm your

teacher, Marie.

Why learn

from me?

It all started with me sharing iPhone pics of my Sydney food adventures - bowls of steaming ramen and neighbourhood latte art. The food was great and photos were...crappy, but it ignited an incredible passion for all things food and content creation!

I was rewarded with delicious meals and the opportunity to practice my skills. Living the dream, right? But then something hit me: I loved photography WAY more than my office job, and I discovered people were actually making a living from this gig?!?! Don't get me wrong, free ice cream is amazing, but (sadly) it doesn't pay the bills.

Now, let's dive into the numbers...

In my old office job, I used to make around $4,600 (AUD) per month.

In my first month in business, I earned $1,250.

By the second month, I hit $2,450.

By month six, I matched my previous monthly salary.

And by month nine, I doubled it!

Fast forward to today, and I'm earning more in a single day than I used to make in an entire month. I'm the proud owner of a premium food photography agency, working with dream clients every single day. And here's the kicker: I'm working less hours than ever before!

Trust me when I say that there's serious money to be made in food photography and content creation, and I'm here to share it all with you!